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Investing in the energy efficiency of a bioclimatic home means saving energy and money while ensuring a comfortable and sustainable house.

Built in 6 months
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Project Management
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Bioclimatic Housing

Built in 6 months

ATHOM offers an innovative construction system thanks to fast and simple processes which allow us to build and equip the house within 6 months

The speed of execution is made possible thanks to a semi-industrial structure cut at the factory to the exact plans of the house project.

The entire structure (floor, walls, ceiling) is made by assembling insulation blocks separated by a wood frame.

This solution has several advantages:

  • The walls are 30 cm thick by assembling insulation bricks made of expanded polystyrene foam, called EPS. EPS is an ecological material made up of 98% air and comes from recycled materials. It is an inert material for health and infinitely recyclable. It is the best value insulation material on the market;
  • The wood frame is made of laminated veneer lumber (LVL), which is a material composed of thin veneers of wood layers, commonly used in wood structures requiring high performance and very high mechanical resistance;
  • The bracing of the structure is provided by OSB panels. These panels made up of several layers of wooden slats also provide air tightness and are fire and water resistant.

Once the structure is delivered to the construction site, the house is out of water out of air in less than 3 weeks. The structure is built up according to an assembly plan, which ensures flawless quality of the structure and insulation.

We can tell you more about our houses

What is the lifespan of the structure? What is its fire resistance? What is its seismic resistance? What are the possible certifications? How to use a bioclimatic house?

Project management

ATHOM organizes and manages ressources that are necessary to complete your project.

As soon as you confirm your interest to build an ATHOM house, our project manager will be your only point of contact and will bridge all the departments. He will always be entirely available to answer any of your questions, requests or concerns.

Just to name a few of his stakeholders, the project manager will have to deal with real estate consultants, with notaries and lawyers, with architects and engineers, with municipalities and external entities such as REN (national ecological reserve) and RAN (national agricultural reserve), construction site inspection authorities, utility companies etc.

Each entity has its own language, codes, fees or taxes. Just like a conductor knows the musical piece that the orchestra is playing, the project manager must know the ebb and flow of the project process. A conductor doesn't play every instrument, but he knows every note in the piece. He knows the phrasing of each movement. Our project manager is your conductor guaranteeing the success of your project.

Accurate Quotation

Studying carefully the market, we have understood that one of the biggest concerns of our clients was the low control and transparency of final costing.

Our offer of a turnkey house with a fixed price per m2 has been designed to avoid frustrating back and forth on the project and to quickly freeze the budget.

Our pricing includes a large selection of materials and equipment to choose from.

The exterior fittings of the house (garden, swimming pool, fence and gate, etc.) are additional, but will be listed in our detailed initial quotation.

Custom your home

We have models “ready-to-be-built” and/or designed to help you define what your needs are based on your lifestyle and on your preferences. Each model can be personalized. How many bedrooms do I need? Do I want a kitchen opened to the living room? Should I go for a single-storey home or a double-storey one?

Our team of architects and engineers will adapt the house to the land, your needs, your budget and optimize the bioclimatic strategy in order to best benefit from the environment of the house.

For the house decoration, we have selected interior and exterior finishes according to three main style trends. You have the choice to choose one of the predefined styles or to mix the options to create the house that suits you best.

Bioclimatic Housing

When it comes to sustainable or low energy housing, labels and certifications are numerous, their names are different from country to country. Each one of them has its own definition, obligations and own energy consumption target, but they tend to reach to the same objectives: energy savings and thermal comfort.

What is a bioclimatic house?

Technical requirements must be respected to guarantee a better insulation, better energy production, smarter use of environmental parameters such as sunshine, ecological use of materials, or even a combination of all these parameters to reach an energy consumption target.

Portugal has set itself the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. The obligation is to drastically reduce energy consumption with a target of 12 kWh/m², per inhabitant/year, with the obligation to use renewable energies such as solar or photovoltaic panels. In other words, it means an energy consumption divided by four compared to that of today.

Besides the reduction in energy consumption, the other fundamental objective is to obtain thermal comfort in a natural way by using architectural means, the renewable energies available and by avoiding as much as possible the mechanized technical means and fossil energies.

The bioclimatic strategy aims to be warm in winter without heating and stay cool in summer without having to use air conditioning, regardless of the geographic location.

Architectural design is therefore the key to making the most of the sun in winter and protecting yourself from it in summer.

Our houses have very high thermal performance, can easily be passive (without energy consumption) or positive (energy producer). The temperature is uniform whatever the season: with 40 degrees outside, the house will maintain 22 degrees inside and with 0 degrees outside, the house will easily be at 19 degrees without any heating.

We do this thanks to several factors:

· Exceptional thermal insulation: with 30 cm of EPS insulation, the coefficient of thermal transmission is the lowest that exists. There is therefore no heat or coolness that passes through the walls, the floor or the roof. With this insulation, the building uses up to 90% less heating or air conditioning than a traditional building;

· There are no thermal bridges thanks to the wooden structure;

· The houses are airtight thanks to the OSB panels fixed inside the structure. All walls and windows are sealed with sealing tape.

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